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Amycus ( 2002 GB10 / 55576 )
A gentle, beautiful, warmth flowing out to embrace all around it, Amycus has a beautiful, warm, loving approach to life. By itself this energy is not strong enough to make lots of waves, but it really helps smooth the way for other energies and gentle them enough to make them more effective and palatable. It tends to work in support of others. In Aquarius, it focuses more on intellectual beauty and the beauty of how things work, brilliance & unconventionality. In Pisces, Amycus incarnates show innate personal beauty, universal beauty shining through the person. In Aries (Aphelion), Amycus incarnates seem to be very preoccupied with the beauty of the self and of one’s own desires. In Taurus, the focus seems to be more about physical characteristics, not so much radiant spirit shining through (SN of Amycus) . In Gemini, it releases all the beautiful light of Amycus. So far, Amycus seems to like Mutable signs and not like Earth signs .

Appealing to others & to public Brilliant and unconventional
Like a shining light of love and beauty that sits there that you can participate in when you are in relationship to it
Gruff but warmth of personality Fresh, humoristic and novel
Falstaffian enjoyment of life Romanticism
Appreciation of the sweetness and beauty of the little things in life Looking at things in a way that they had not been looked at before
Humor Joix de vivre
Filled with hope and love Longing to be loved
Despite struggle finding glimmers of hope Envy, Enmity
Tearing apart the happiness of others because your own happiness and warmth is poisoned by abuse or other distortions
Grabbing at the beautiful and in the process crushing it Destroying or slandering the beautiful
Jackie Gleason*
American comedian, the top male star of his day and TV's biggest star in the 50s for his show "The Honeymooners", a Falstaffian enjoyment of life, Gleason drank prodigiously, smoked and ate excessively and had his weight go as high as 280 lbs [1]
Jennifer Jones*
{(-2.99) Hylonome} American actress, won Oscar for first role, portraying the 19th century maid of Lourdes who claimed to see the Virgin Mary. Her roles ranged from sweet and innocent to the sultry siren, and she was cast as characters from both contemporary and classic literature. [2]
Ronald Searle*
{(-2.47) Hylonome} American Cartoonist. His work has had a great deal of influence, particularly on American cartoonists, including Pat Oliphant, Matt Groening, Hilary Knight and the animators of Disney's 101 Dalmatians [3]
Cyd Charisse*
{(-1.01) Typhon, (-2.65) Varuna} Dancer, Her roles usually focussed on her abilities as a dancer, and she was paired with Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Astaire called her "beautiful dynamite" and wrote: "That Cyd! When you've danced with her you stay danced with." [4]
Andre Courreges*
{(-0.89) Typhon, (+1.98) Hylonome} French fashion designer, invention of the miniskirt, the shapes of his clothes were geometric: squares, trapezoids, triangles. The look included boots, goggles, and hems three inches above the knees. The main features of his boxy, uncluttered look spread quickly throughout the fashion world, especially the miniskirt [5]
Pierre Gaisseau* (+0.80) {(+0.22) Typhon, (-2.28) Varuna} French producer of pioneering documentary films that were important contributions to the study of indigenous cultures. He was a man of boundless good nature, affection, and liberality of spirit. [6]
Georges Delerue* (+0.25) {(+1.14) Okyrhoe, (+1.37) Typhon, (+1.87) Hylonome, (-2.80) Varuna} French composer of music for films, was extraordinarily gifted for melody and at creating surrounding overtones which encapsulated the spirit of the movies for which he collaborated, enhancing them often beyond the expectations of their directors. [7]
William Shatner* (+0.80) {(-0.29) Hylonome, (+1.08) Eris, (+2.55) Varuna, (+2.98) Ceto} Canadian-American actor in film and TV best known as the Starship Commander James T. Kirk on the series "Star Trek," Despite 5 other conjunctions, there is a vibrant love of life that shows through it all that comes from Amycus. He was womanizing while married and drinking and his last TV role was emcee of a quiz show at 75 on which he cavorts with the 13 lovely female dancers. [8]
Gloria Steinem* (+0.57) {(-0.58) Ceto, (-1.10) Hylonome, (+2.04) Eris} In speeches, she has humor, high spirits and inexhaustible energy. She has a warm, positive platform presence, intellectual brilliance and a way with words. [9]
Warren Beatty
{(-1.50) Hylonome, (-2.58) Varuna, (+2.70) Ceto} American actor, strikingly handsome with a style that is self-consciously cool and opaque, the classic screen idol of his day. Appears effortless on screen. A notorious womanizer, his affections are righteously claimed by every female in Hollywood and beyond, singly and in pairs. [10]
Ali McGraw*
{(+2.58) Ceto} American actress, best known for her role in the movie "Love Story," 1970 where she played a college student whose romance is tragically cut short by illness, inviting smile, a dark-haired beauty [11]
Marvin Gaye*
{(-2.87) Hylonome} American singer, songwriter, keyboard player and drummer, one of the lead stars of the Motown group during the '60's and '70s and an influential force in the music scene, moving from lean, powerful R&B to stylish, sophisticated soul to finally arrive at an intensely political and personal form of artistic self-expression. [12]
Kitty Kelley*
American scandalmonger, author of unauthorized celebrity biographies, containing according to Ronald Reagan, "flagrant and absurd falsehoods" that "exceed the bounds of decency" [13]
Louis Tschandin*
French homicide; shot his mistress and her lover to death [14]
Michael Bennett* (+0.92) American dancer and showman, the originator, co-producer, choreographer and director of "A Chorus Line," Mercurial personality and hard-driving work style but also notes his loyalty, humor and magnetism, addictions to alcohol and drugs, notably cocaine and quaaludes, severely affected his ability to work and affected many of his professional and personal relationships. His paranoia grew as his dependency did. [15]
Jane Labys*
{(-2.26) Sedna, (+2.90) Bienor} Kind, well-liked, killed in TWA Flight 800 explosion [16]
Tom Maimoni* (+0.32) {(-0.86) Bienor, (-1.66) Sedna} Appealing, able to talk women into going out on his boat where he made sexual overtures and one of them hit her head and fell overboard drowning, indicted on 2nd degree murder [17]
David Letterman*
{(-0.64) Sedna} American contemporary humorist and talk show host, among the most nominated people in Emmy Award history with 52 nominations [18]
Michael Moore* (+0.19) {-2.53) Okyrhoe} American filmmaker and provocateur, skillful in using humor, satire, sarcasm, poignant human-interest stories, and interviews to make his points. [19]
Michelle Pfeiffer*
American actress, Nothing is harder to play than virtue, and Pfeiffer is smart enough not to try. Instead, she embodies it. Her porcelain-skinned beauty, in this regard, is a great asset, and the way it's used makes it seem an aspect of her spirituality." Wordless scenes that show the kind of refined, delicate acting Pfeiffer does so well [20]
Prince William*
{(+0.30) Ceto} British royal family, Second in line for the throne of England [21]

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