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<===  15760 {1992 QB1}: Raw Primal Force  ===>
This is a very hard energy to handle straight on. It is like being in the middle of a firestorm, Being 1-2 degrees from it works much better. This energy can manifest early in life but it tends to burn out quickly. The discovery information bridges the boundary between Pisces and Aries and this body gives a sense of being suspended between these two: the end and the beginning. Thus you have here the classic Aries issue, that initial burst of energy into incarnation that may fall back into the universal ocean before it can form itself enough to manifest..
KEY CONCEPTS - 15760 {1992 QB1}
Raw Primal Force, unadorned, unmitigated A law unto oneself
Great Vitality, that must be released or it will burn you out
Shy or Authoritarian, Dominating Inner focused on one’s own world
Cross over between intuition and action Enthusiastic
Kirk Douglas* (-0.22) American actor, great vitality, nominated as Best Actor in "Champion," "Lust for Life," and "The Bad and the Beautiful.", plays an intense tough-guy. a character who was usually a victim of his own aggression, keys to acting success are determination and application, "You must know how to function and how to maintain yourself, and you must have a love of what you do “ [1]
Nino Rota (-1.35) {(+2.08) Bienor} Considered a musical prodigy,best known for his film scores, notably for the films of Federico Fellini and Luchino Visconti, an extraordinarily prolific composer, His world was inner, inside himself, and reality had no way to enter it. He had a rare quality belonging to the world of intuition. Just like children, simple men, sensitive people, innocent people, he would suddenly say dazzling things [2]
Virginia Lee Corbin* (+0.73) American actor, a child star of the silent film era, reportedly could talk at age 11 months, could sing beautifully from memory at age 3, died suddenly at age 31 from tuberculosis. [3]
Roy Arnold Anderson* (+0.68) American business executive, Candid, forthcoming and enthusiastic, he led Lockheed through near-fatal crises unparalleled in the history of American business [4]
Gordon Jackson* (+0.06) Scottish actor, known for stiff-upper-lip authoritarian butler and Head of intelligence agency, unconventional get it done guy [5]
Jacques Barzun* (+0.32) {(-1.30) Juno} French-American educator, a precious man, erudite, urbane, witty and a fascinating speaker and conversationalist [6]
Bob Kline* (+0.5) {(-0.57) Mercury} American baseball player, pitcher, a fastball thrower [7]
Eleanor Holm (+1.64) {(+1.42) Bienor} Best known for having been suspended from the 1936 Summer Olympics team, after she had attended a cocktail party on the transatlantic cruise ship taking her to Germany. She went on to have a high-profile celebrity career as actress and singer, socialite and interior designer that included co-starring as Jane in a Hollywood Tarzan movie [8]
Alberto Lupo* (+0.13) {(+0.60) Crantor, (-2.82) Jupiter} Italian theater and TV actor, roles in swash-buckling and actions films [9]
Joe Adonis (-1.85) {(+1.75) Venus} Italian-American gambler and mafia boss, an important participant in the formation of the modern Cosa Nostra crime families [10]
Alberto Moravia (-1.75) {(-2.70) Juno} Italian writer who was considered ahead of his time in social commentary with a primal force of intellect [11]

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