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<===  225088 (2007 OR10): Group Resonance  ===>
225088 brings a sense of the group soul of humanity, or of the portion of humanity that one is connected with, whether that be a nation, a race or some other cohesive group with a particular viewpoint. There seems to be a very strong band between 1 & 2 degrees where the group resonance is understood and responded to with a little more distance than you see in the incarnates who are embedded in the Group Resonance.
KEY CONCEPTS - 225088 (2007 OR10)
To relate to, focus on large groups of people as a whole or a unit or entity of its own, rather than onindividual humans
To impact the lives of and awareness of humanity Human Relations
To communicate with the public through a resonance with where they are To express the feelings of groups of people, even if unpopular
To control/repress a large group of people To represent “the people”, to speak for the people
To absorb the group pattern from your childhood and be strongly influenced by it To have your identity in being part of a group and be controlled by the needs or wishes of the group
To trick or fool people To be sacrificed by a group (Sharon Tate)
To resonate with the public, to have the public resonate with you People identify with the native, see themselves in the native
A certain fragileness that comes from being open to so much, may result in an overload that the person is not able to handle well
Susan Sontag* (-0.29) {(-2.64) Pallas} American award-winning writer of novels, essays, criticism, dealt as a literary and philosophical intellectual with the deep problems of human life in our times, never a dispassionate or disinterested writer. She always used her own experience as a way of giving meaning to issues that had meaning for everybody. [1]
Francisco Franco* (+0.03) Spanish military general, long-time ruler and dictator who commanded his country for 36 years with an iron hand [2]
Noel Coward* (+0.8) {(-0.57) Ceres, (-1.88) Saturn} British actor, director, dramatist, playwright, producer, lyricist and composer His melodies and lyrics remain part of our lives, his work and style continue to influence popular culture [3]
Quentin Crisp (-1.3) {(-0.75) Mercury} The gay author of "The Naked Civil Servant." Witty and flamboyant, he described himself as the "mother superior of homosexuality. [4]
Paul Bowles (+1.3) American writer, novelist, musician, composer and critic, he became a symbolic American expatriate, and the city (Tangiers) became the symbol of his expatriate status, representative of a generation of artists whose work has shaped 20th century literature and music [5]
Noor Inayat Khan* (+0.41) {(-0.62) Ceres} Persian joined French resistance, wanted to show bravery of Indians to make a link with England, very high caliber work before captured and killed [6]
Jean-Pierre Rampal
French flutist whose work brought the flute into prominence as a concert instrument, showing its versatility as a solo instrument as well [7]
Martin Luther King (+1.63) American clergyman and inspirational leader of the civil rights movement, Galvanizing black Americans into action through his electrifying oratory skills, he rose to become a legend and national hero in his own time, outstanding success in uniting his people for a common cause [8]
Robert Anton Wilson (+1.43) {(+1.33) Saturn} American author of science fiction, wrote the Illuminati Trilogy, which philosophically and humorously examined, among many other themes, occult and magical symbolism and history, the counterculture of the 1960s, secret societies, data concerning author H.P. Lovecraft and author and occultist Aleister Crowley, and American paranoia about conspiracies [9]
Rick Warren* (-0.75) {(+0.30) Venus } American minister, very influential, focused on real world issues with the message that God loves you and there is purpose to your life, prayer at Obama’s inauguration controversial, may be the most influential Christian theologian today [10]
Oprah Winfrey*
{(+0.13) Venus} American talk show hostess, actress and business executive, very relatable, women see a little bit of Oprah in themselves [11]

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