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Borasisi ( 1999 RZ253 / 66652 )
This is the realm of time and space that we live in with all its pain and angst, called Maya by the Hindus. This realm, although it seems concrete, is an illusion, an ever-changing set of experiences that only appear to be real. We are within this realm for a short while and then we return to the eternal realm of enduring verities. The name Borasisi refers to the Sun of a mythical religion created by Kurt Vonnegut. The religion professed to be made up of lies that you believe in order to be happy. There is a stiffness, a lack of flow, a lack of continuity to the illusion for it is presented as disconnected separate things. Borasis is about the illusions of this realm of Time and Space that we believe hoping to be happy. Planets approaching Borasisi seem to be more stressed and once past it there is a greater sense of stepping back and being able to get a sense of perspective on this existence sometimes even humor. Aspects to Borasisi show the impact this life has upon us, how we view it.
Active participation in and response to Maya, the power of illusion, delusion Piercing the illusion, seeing the reality behind it
Seeking, piecing together what is really going on, (like a spy penetrating the lies and illusions) Learning to removing oneself from the “rat race”, stoicism, a stiff or unexpressive demeanor
The cross of incarnation The reflection of our depths into our experiences
The inconsistencies and paradoxes of human nature Needs and drives undermining moral principles
Religion as the opiate of the people Human corruption and deceipt
Religion as a delusion The nobility of the human spirit in the midst of its depravity
The Sin and Damnation of the world Guilt because of one’s failures driving one to act differently
Intense perhaps chronic depression The struggle to be good when there is so much disturbed within one
The ability to see the ironic The paradox of good depravity and cold heartless moral correctness
The courage and beauty of humor that recognizes, embraces, laughs at and moves us beyond the many inconsistencies and paradoxes of human behavior Struggle with the lack of absolutes in the realm of Maya
Wit, humor and humanity, courage Singing the courage and beauty of and within the struggle with Maya
Our laughing at ourselves and the ridiculousness of our struggles Helping those who struggle
Ed Sullivan (-1.13º) Often compared to a cigar-store Indian, stiff in motion. [1]
Enrico Fermi* (-0.15º) {(-2.2) Bienor}Key scientist in creating A-bomb, Child prodigy in math and physics. Esploring the structure of matter [2]

Graham Greene* (-1.0º)

British Novelist, treated for morbid despair and mysterious brooding. A Spy who experienced the chaos and the uncertainties of life in troubled areas. This enabled him to write some of best novels of 20th Century [3]
Helen Moody (+1.38º) Tennis player -- known as "Little Miss Poker Face" for on court stocism, strong will, powerful strokes, aloofness , reclusiveness [4]
Helen MacInnes*
{(+0.13) Moon} 21 Novels of international espionage [5]
Jacques Coutela*
French Wiccan high priest who descended into black masses, orgies and murder. [6]
Gino Bechi* (+0.73º) Opera singer, dramatic baritone, possessed a dark and incisive voice [7]
King Hussein of Jordan* (-0.93º) Transformed Jordan into an island of stability in the volatile Middle East [8]
Arthur Miller
((-1.38) Juno) Noted Dramatist, opinionated and outspoken, the "Moral Voice of American Stage" [9]
José Charlet* (+0.68º) {(-1.1) Crantor} French painter, dark colors, dark sense to his work, like trying to show the pain of the world [10]
Jacques Tati* (+1.0º) Comic Filmmaker & Actor, a mime, tightly-choreographed visual gags and carefully integrated sound effects, plays a gauche and socially inept man [11]
Scotty Fitzgerald* (+0.73º) {(-1.3) Asbolus} A social and political activist, she wrote and directed musical comedies for charity performances. [12]
Bob Montana* (-0.63º) American cartoonist and creator of the comic strip "Archie" [13]
Peter Cook* (-0.11º) British comedian and satirist, called the funniest man in the history of comedy [14]

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