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Ceto ( 2003 FX128 / 65489 ) is the creation of monsters within us and around us: the perception of monstrous ness, the assigning of the designation of monster to what is around or within us. The monster is that which is extremely different. It is often tied to that which creates a feeling of fear or revulsion within us. Sometimes this is horrendous as in a Nazi Doctor. Sometimes it is just alien to regular human experience, like Spock or a dwarf. Children's fairy tales abound with monsters for a reason. At core we fear to be rejected for our differentness, for our failure to meet the expectations of those around us and so when we are children we deny and repress that within us that is different and thus unacceptable in our world and it becomes the monster(s) within us. Only when we face and transform these monsters can we reclaim the denied aspects of ourselves and become whole. The aspects to Ceto describe our personal monsters and the monsters we meet in the world, as well as the relationship we have to monsters both within us and around us.

Facing and overcoming fear and anxiety Terror
Limitations on freedom, the ways the depths of us impact and control us and manifest through us To be the monster
To see others as monsters To hate and attack others
To face and deal with the monstrous To portray the monstrous (stigmata appearing on the body)
To stand up to and seek to fight the monsters Able to see and recognize the monsters
Seeking to understand what makes monsters, and what makes us monstrous To understand the monstrous in all of us and have some sympathy, compassion for those whose monsters overwhelm them
Michael Savage*
Conservative talk show host with vitriolic rants on his show "The Savage Nation:" [1]
George Seferis*
{(-0.37) Eris} Poet, themes of wandering, alienation and death [2]
Marthe Robin*
{(-0.54) Orcus, (-0.8) Eris} Could only eat holy wafer once a week, relived the passion each week including stigmata, for 53 years [3]
Dan Graham*
Artist, stripped art down to the fundamental and bare essentials [4]
Francis Suttill* (+0.46º) {(+0.15) Eris, (-1.35) Nessus} French secret agent in German territory, last seen in concentration camp [5]
Josef Mengele* (+0.85º) {(-1.15) Eris} Nazi Physician, "Angel of Death" at concentration camp, supervised torture and death of 400,000 jews [6]
Steve McQueen*
{(+1.22) Varuna, (+1.52) Eris} Known for Tough Guy roles, earlier chaotic unpredictable childhood led to him becoming a thief & gang member [7]
Leonard Nimoy*
{(+1.49) Varuna} Played the pointed-eared alien Spock in "Star Trek," [8]
Gloria Steinem*
{(+0.57) Amycus, (-1.1) Hylonome, (+2.04) Eris} Feminist, Addressed the monstrousness of patriarchal male society [9]
Linda Hunt* (+0.24º) Actor, won an Oscar for playing a male dwarf in "The Year of Living Dangerously," [10]

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