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Eris ( 2003 UB313 / 136199 ) Each of us has a normal process of thinking, a standard view of the world and of our place in it, a set of attitudes that describes who we want to believe we are. Eris is beyond that. She sees the whole and recognizes the pretensions and incorrect beliefs within the conscious operating processes. Because of this she is rejected. She is not allowed into normal operating processes. Thus she acts within each of us from way out in left field, piercing the consciousness and revealing its pretensions and misperceptions of reality. Her action is so uncomfortable that as long as the ego is in charge, she will be rejected and denied over and over again. Eris' aspects shows your blindspots, what it is hard for you to see, what she opposes, what she conflicts with, where she forces adjustments. The trine and sextile show where and in what way her awareness is easier to accept. The contraquindecile (165) shows the core nature of her awareness experienced as an outside force.
Piercing awareness that reveals and challenges the ego’s illusions To be an exile
To be left out or overlooked or not given credit you deserve Unfinished Projects
Metamorphosis, the recognition and communication of the essential Making the invisible visible
The importance of truth and of dealing with what is real To (seek to) right wrongs and restablish the proper order of life (based on your values and beliefs)
A truly unique perspective – a different way of looking at people that sees beyond the surface Divisive
Perceiving and expressing the unfathomable dimensions of human emotions, the joys and tragedies of human existence Nemesis of arrogance, pretense and self-righteousness
Independence brings difficulty in relationships Strength and independence of women
Positive manifestation to be without ego (i.e. without pretense), genuine May relate to AIDS
Nancy Pelosi (+1.50º) {(-2.94) Ceto}The highest ranking woman in US history - Speaker of the House, the first woman in history to hold this prestigious and influential position [1]
Marthe Robin* (-0.80º) {(-0.54) Orcus, (-0.57) Ceto} French stigmatic, a total invalid, but still founded and directed the running of two schools. [2]
Lella Lombardi* (+0.77º) The first female race car driver to compete in the Formula One series [3]
Gloria Steinem (+2.04º) {(+0.57) Amycus, (-0.58) Ceto, (-1.10) Hylonome} Most noted feminist writer, working for women to become independent persons [4]
Anita Bryant* (+0.70º) A Christian activist publicly opposing gay rights, as she sought to assert her agenda she found that the enemies she had made often undermined her [5]
Erica Jong* (+0.41º) best-selling novelist with her racy novel "Fear of Flying", which created a sensation with its frank treatment of a woman's sexual desires. [6]
Pat Robertson* (-0.25º) {(-0.52) Varuna, (-1.94) Ceto, (+2.58) Hylonome, (+2.75) Amycus} American Protestant evangelist, author and media mogul of the 700 club, a controversial figure, supporting sexual abstinence before marriage, he was found to have forged his marriage date. [7]
Aretha Franklin* (-0.07º) {(-1.59) Bienor, (+2.66) Typhon} Amazing singer of gospel, soul and rhythm and blues music [8]
William Shatner (-1.08º) {(+0.29) Hylonome, (+0.8) Amycus, (-2.55) Varuna, (-2.98) Ceto} Played Commander Kirk of Star Trek, has been accused of being insensitive, hurtful, and an egotist, which he has denied, also there have been reports of womanizing and drinking. [9]
Diana Ross* (+0.90º) {(+2.6) Typhon} Famous American singer, super-thin, super-rich and super-talented. She's an all-out athlete, non-stop-active and a designer of all her own clothes. An unauthorized biography detailed her temperamental ways. [10]
Pamela Harriman* (+0.59º) {(+0.35) Ceto, (+1.13) Pelion} "The century’s greatest courtesan," , a lifetime of amazing adventure, glamour and power [11]
Paul Michael Glaser*
{(+1.34) Typhon} American actor of"Starsky and Hutch" fame [12]
Tony Banks* (-0.95º) {(+1.17) Crantor, (-2.61) Typhon} British guitarist with the musical group Genesis, progressive English rock bands. They began visuals and theatrical performances that became their trademark. [13]
Arthur Goode* (-0.27º) American homicidal homosexual pederast pedophile, a borderline retard and schizophrenic.Received the death penalty for murder of children[14]
Karen Ann Quinlan* (+0.85º) American coma victim, Parents won landmark case to have the equipment removed [15]
Heath Ledger* (-0.70º) Australian Actor with notably intense performances, died of accidental drug ovedose [16]
Emma Elizabeth Crozier* (-0.38º) Scottish child murder victim [17]

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