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Ixion ( 2001 KX76 / 28978 ) seems to have a sphere of operation about 2 degrees out from it and everything within that circle seems to be of equal strength. I have put a couple of significant people in who are just beyond a degree with an asterisk on them. The Ixion area circles and cycles and recycles through time and space in all the forms of cycling and recycling that you can imagine.
Cycles, Rhythms, Intervals especially repetitive intervals (Astrology, Chain Department Stores)
Nuclear Power
To repeat a pattern, ability to come back over and over (as old mythology, translations of Greek writers, etc.) Recycling, Renewable Energy
To lose power and then regain it perhaps over and over Encompassing many different small patterns within the whole, variability Interface
A hunter who seeks to acquire things Resilience, ability to keep going through disaster
Affirming the positive characteristics of life even in the midst of omnipresent fears of death Recurring motives
Shift from individuality to sociality Social Justice
Sorting False from True, Dream from Reality Breaking free of the pattern of recurring events created from within us
Nostalgia To simulate life and movement, to give the appearance of life and movement, a simulacrum
To be unable to get to your goal Unconventional
Evading responsibility Tolerance vs. no standards or principles
Salvatore Quasimodo (+1.03º) Uses a hermetical, "closed" language to sketch recurring motives like Sicily, Religion and Death [1]
William T. Dillard*
{(-2.07) Cyllarus} CEO of Dillard Department Stores, a repeating chain of stores [2]
Deng Xiaoping* (+0.25º) {(+1.76) Cyllarus} Chinese politician, a thrice purged Communist Party patriarch, who kept getting reinstated [3]
Lyndon Baines Johnson* (+0.28º) {(+0.43) Cyllarus, (+2.92) Asbolus} American politician, a vice-president who took over after the tragic Kennedy assassination [4]
Larry Hagman* (+0.75º) TV Actor, Captain Nelson in "I Dream of Jeannie" and J.R. Ewing in "Dallas," [5]
Maurice Jarre* (+0.21º) French classical composer [6]
Jim Henson (-1.08º) Creator of the Muppets [7]
Imme Dros* (+0.80º) Dutch writer of children's literature, made the classic works of Homer and other Greek mythology stories into new forms [8]
Frederic Ogden Nash
{(+1.19) Cyllarus} American writer, the gifted creator of light, humorous verse [9]
Tom Anderson* (+0.26º) {(+0.18) Asbolus, (-0.24) Cyllarus, (+1.81) Okyrhoe} Scottish renowned fiddler and composer, the saviour of Shetland's musical heritage [10]
Dixie Lee Ray* (+0.27º) {(-1.48) Cyllarus} American politician, marine biologist and zoologist, known for being eccentric, re-named herself after a favorite region and Civil War general. [11]
Vernon E. Clark (-1.20º) {(-2.01) Cyllarus, (-2.85) Asbolus} American clinical psychologist, interested in astrology, conducted series of blind trials of natal chart interpretation 1959-1961 that generally supported the thesis that natal horoscopes are potentially indicative of the life circumstances of people. [12]
Richard Barr* (+0.41º) {(-2.22) Cyllarus} Broadway, one of the great independent and creative producers. [13]
Jean Franssen* (-0.26º) Teacher of exceptional innovative organists, pianists and composers [14]
Veikko Ennala (-1.20º) Finnish journalist, broke sex & other taboos in his articles [15]

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