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Makemake ( 2005 FY9 / 136472 ) is a fulcrum point where there is great ability to analyze critical change elements and implement them
It ties into the pursuit of a goal in very creative ways with potential for depression and introverted seclusion afterward either from failure or from a sense of already having made it and being “over the hill” or where do I go from here. This energy can start early and flare into brilliance then burnout.
Creativity, but not as spiritual as Haumea Being a victim of others behavior
A lot more introverted going into seclusion or depression, withdrawing from and/or rejecting the world
Quick perception and recognition of opportunity and ability to act quickly and decisively
Redefining reality through new perspectives Radiating impact and encounter
Reaching out into the unknown, exploring discovering something new
A type of audacity, a strength, power and definitiveness radiating from the person and impacting others
Karl Ernst Von Krafft*
One of the originators of Cosmobiology, attempted to use Astrology to support the Nazi regime. [1]
Richard J. Daley (+1.25º) American politician, one of the most powerful political insiders in the U.S., called "the last of the big-city bosses.". [2]
William McTaggart*
{(+1.4) Thereus} Scottish artist, painter, his work shows a clear procession away from the analytical observation of Cezanne, towards an art altogether more personal and expressive. [3]
Willy Schneider* (+0.18º) {(+1.88) Thereus}Austrian medium known for trance phenomena involving materialization and telekinesis, was the subject of a set of experiments in the laboratory under rigid test conditions where objects moved and small materializations occurred. [4]
Sir Laurence Olivier* (+0.43º) British actor, director and producer, aiming to be the greatest actor of all time, founder of London's Royal National Theatre and the Festival Theatre in Chichester, he successfully adapted Shakespeare's plays to the medium of film, the youngest actor ever knighted. [5]
Herge* (+0.53º) Belgian cartoonist was the creator of "Tintin." The adventure-hero is a reporter named Tintin who, with his fox terrier Snowey, has traveled to Tibet, the Congo, the Moon, and now, the U.S.A. [6]
Helene Boucher* (+0.95º) French pioneer pilot, young stunt pilot became one of the most popular attractions on flight shows in France and abroad, called the "fastest pilot in the world.", she set a speed record of 444 kilometers per hour (276 mph). [7]
John Bardeen* (+0.95º) American physicist, a member of the team that developed the transistor, then responsible for a theory of superconductivity, the property of some metals to lose all electrical resistance at very low temperatures, the first scientist to win two Nobel Prizes in the same category. [8]
Vincent Price* (-0.12º) {(+1.38) Ceres}American actor and author, best known for elegantly sophisticated horror roles. [9]
Hubert H. Humphrey* (+0.05º) {(+1.49) Ceres} American politician, called for the Democratic party to embrace civil rights. [10]
Sam Snead* (-0,65º) {(-1.2) Elatus} American professional golfer, elected to the Golf Hall of Fame in 1953. [11]
Lester Del Rey* (+0.48º) American science fiction writer, one of the three leading science fiction writers writing for adolescents, felt that science fiction was better out of the mainstream where it didn't have to reflect mainstream values. [12]
Howard M. Metzenbaum* (+0.38º) American lawyer, politician, u.s. senator, became independently wealthy through insightful investments, particularly in real estate [13]
Prince Consort Philip (+1.38º) Greek-British Consort to Queen Elizabeth II, notorious in the media for colorful verbal gaffes. No one, public or private, is safe from his volcanic temper and withering wit. [14]
Judy Garland* (-0.33º) American singer and actress, a top star from her first film at age 13, "The Wizard of Oz." [15]
George H. W. Bush*
American politician, President of US after Ronald Reagan, always loved the competition, comparing the rush of politics to that of sports. [16]
Pierre Salinger* (+0.56º) {(+0.88) Ceres} American journalistic investigator, considered a shrewd organizer as well as bon vivant and an admitted philanderer. Over the course of his career, he worked as a political speechwriter, business executive, magazine columnist and co-authored "A Tribute to JFK" with Sandor Vanocur. [17]
Karl Weber* (-1.55º) German businessman, statistician, research astrologer and author, data collector, A student and collaborator of R. Ebertin, he was a committed advocate of Cosmobiology (experimental and scientific astrology). [18]
Annie Cordy* (-0.96º) Belgian/french singer, actress, has a type of audacity that is carried in her movements, a strength, power and definitiveness with which she moves as she sings that adds spice to her beauty. [19]
Eva Bartok* (-0.85º) Hungarian actress, gave up her career to study with the Pak Subuh sect in Indonesia for three years, then taught it. [20]
Jurgen Habermas*
German Social Theorist, devoted to revealing the possibility of reason, emancipation, and rational-critical communication latent in modern institutions and in the human capacity to deliberate and pursue rational interests [21]
Françoise Gauquelin*
Swiss-French psychologist and statistician, wife and collaborator with Michel Gauquelin on scientific research into astrology. [22]
Arlo Guthrie* (-0.88º) {(-2.95) Huya} American singer, songwriter, humanitarian, businessman and actor, performs as a storyteller, folksinger, and humorist at folk festival stages around the country [23]
Pinky Nelson* (-0.88º) {(-2.93) Pelion} American astronaut [24]
Jesse Ventura*
{(+1.2) Pelion} American politician, formerly a professional wrestler, the ultimate symbol of revolt by voters who were weary of the usual hype [25]
J. K. Rowling* (-0.22º) British writer of the immensely popular series of "Harry Potter" books, books about Voldemort's pursuit of power and the defeat of this bad wizard. [26]

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