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<===   RHADAMANTHUS: Analysis and Judgment ===>
Rhadamanthus ( 1999 HX11 / 38083 ) represents overarching systems that structure and “control” humans and understand humans and our world better than humans do. It works with open vs closed minds. Here one is being evaluated, tested, and judged by a higher power or a more knowing nonhuman awareness on their worthiness and incorruptibility.
At the same time this body addresses human fallibility in judgment even when they believe they are acting on the instructions and will of a higher power. Thus judgement and analysis are the focus of this body.

Sees things in black and white Evaluative, analytical ability
Being able to pierce all the confusion and see the true pattern contained within it
Willing to act upon one’s beliefs without regard to the beliefs or opinions of others
Strong beliefs Seeking universal truths
Opinionated Trend setter
To set standards Objective criticism
Subterfuge, willing to work covertly to obtain ones objectives
Record setting
Can be blinded by one’s beliefs Judgmentalism, tendency toward a certain rigidity
Broad systems of categorization Strict discipline
Can be brilliantly persuasive Eloquent expressive capabilities, powerful and gripping
An expanded, mystical awareness that moves into new realms of perspective
An overarching system or group with authority over everyone that determines our fate
Identity Crisis, metamorphosis, divided selves, migration
The dangerous nature of closed absolutist belief systems
Gavin Arthur* (-0.37º) American astrologer in San Francisco and a leader in the gay liberation movement. Arthur was asked by the Oracle staff to select the chart for the first Human-Be-In, thereby determining the date for that historic event. [1]
Adolf Butenandt*
{(-0.55) Vesta} Received the Nobel prize in chemistry for his work isolating the sex hormones, oestrone and testosterone, from which he formed the basis for the production of cortisone. [2]
Otto Friedrich Abetz*
{(+0.2) Vesta} German politician; Ambassador to Vichy France, was anti-Semitic and played an active role in sending French Jews to the gas chamber. [3]
Joseph Campbell*
{(-0.13) Mercury, (-0.28) Jupiter} American writer and leading authority and lecturer on mythology; the psyche and symbolism. He is best known for his work in comparative mythology and comparative religion. His work is vast, covering many aspects of the human experience [4]
Henry Dar Boggia*
{(-0.05) Jupiter, (-0.45) Mercury, (-2.8) Sedna} When he was 19 he was out of the body for 20 days. He and his wife developed strong metaphysical interests together with their examination and sharing of past life experiences, meditation and the occult. [5]
William Ross*
{(-1.18) Orcus, (-1.15) Echeclus} The longest serving Secretary of State for Scotland. His opposition called him a stern-faced and authoritarian Presbyterian conservative who ran the country like a personal fiefdom for Harold Wilson [6]
Sonja Henie* (+0.27) {(+1.28) Orcus} Norwegian championship ice skater of all time. She founded a modern art museum with her fortune with avant-garde and abstract art. [7]
Sheila Scott*
{(-2.4) Orcus} She set dozens of flying records. She was the first British pilot to complete a solo flight around the world. She was also the first woman to fly over the North Pole, flying from the equator and back to it. [8]
Scott Carpenter*
{(-1.98) Venus} American astronaut-aquanaut, has the distinction of being the only person ever to explore both inner and outer space. [9]
Gabriele Amorth*
{(-2.00) Venus} A Roman Catholic priest. He specialized as an exorcist with maximum church authority to perform the church rites in cases of demonic possession. [10]
William L Calley*
{(+1.07) Saturn, (+1.6) Orcus, (+2.72) Logos, (-2.91) Asbolus} American soldier, a Lieutenant who was convicted of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam on 3/16/1967. The case became a symbol of the American conscience in an untenable war. [11]
Whitley Strieber*
{(-2.80) Asbolus} American author. Investigated Alien abductions. American author, a troubling semi-amnesia led him to seek therapy and hypnosis for the first time on 3/01/1986. He unlocked terrifying memories of being captured, examined and monitored by bug-eyed and small aliens, possibly from as early as age two. [12]
Donald Trump*
{(+2.93) Orcus} Trump is known as a P.T. Barnum of finance. He sculpts his own persona with the aid of a press agent and has his name emblazoned on everything he touches. [13]
JJohn Norman Collins*
American homicide, serial killer; called the "Michigan Co-ed Killer" [14]
Salman Rushdie*
{(+0.25) Moon, (-2.3) Asbolus} Indian writer, a Moslem famed for the condemnation by the Ayatollah of Iran along with his death sentence given on 2/14/1989, for writing his book "Satanic Verses," 1989. The Satanic Verses is described as being about identity, alienation, rootlessness, brutality, compromise, and conformity. [15]
Meryl Streep* (+0.44) {(-0.01) Uranus, (-2.23) Asbolus} American actress, the most esteemed actress of her generation, receiving an unprecedented 11 Oscar nominations for her outstanding performances. She says that she is "interested in crawling into other people's skins, seeing the world through their eyes, explaining people who might otherwise seem incomprehensible" [16]
Mercedes Lackey* (+0.43) {(-1.97) Asbolus, (2.2) Uranus} American fantasy novelist. The creed expressed in her books is "There's no such thing as 'one, true way.' The only answers worth having are the ones you find for yourself; leave the world better than you found it. Love, freedom and the chance to do some good; they are the things worth living and dying for, and if you aren't willing to die for the things worth living for, you might as well turn in your membership in the human race." One of underlying characteristics of Valdemar Novels is the evaluation of the main characters by spirit beings to determine who is worthy/incorruptible. [17]
Cindy Sheehan
{(+1.63) Asbolus} An American whose son was killed in Iraq on April 4, 2004 and who subsequently led a protest movement against the Iraq war. [18]

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