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Salacia ( 2004 SB60 / 120347 ) carries a sense of sensitivity, appreciation, gentleness and genuine love of life and humanity. She is shy and beautiful. Her sensitivity can open her to psychic perceptions. She makes us better than we would be otherwise. Her appeal is universal. She helps us handle deeply difficult and troubling matters more easily. She has an easy sense of humor and wit and a real gift for comedy that helps us get through difficult times. One of her problems is that she can turn to alcohol to handle the overload of life as it assaults her.

Her aspects to other planets softens them making them easier to handle.

KEY CONCEPTS - Salacia ( 2004 SB60 / 120347 )
Sensitive Removing barriers to happiness
Love, including Romantic Love Love of words
Soft Heart, mild-mannered Worthiness vs Unworthiness
Pride Singular poetic beauty
Creative Peaceful change, creative revolution
Truths stated in an inoffensive way using humor Incisive humor, comedy, wit
Love of life Romantic
A source of warmth Enthusiasm
Emotional power Interface with the supernatural, Parapsychology
Stream of consciousness, emotionally charged writing Poetic feeling
Passionate Humanity, Humanitarian
Achieving your greatest potential Idealism
Capacity to bring something new into the world Gentle
Feminine Strength Use of non-violence
Distinct spiritual sheen, A religious awakening Gracious/sociable
Drinking issues or addressing Alcoholism Inability to feel pleasure
Popular even when confrontive Overly Sentimenta
George Bernard Shaw*
{(+2.57) Hylonome, (-1.48) Venus} Irish playwright. Nearly all his writings deal sternly with prevailing social problems, but have a vein of comedy to make their stark themes more palatable. His work was praised as being marked by both idealism and humanity, its stimulating satire often being infused with a singular poetic beauty. [1]
Thomas Wolfe
(+1.13 )
{(-2.44) Echeclus} He is known for mixing highly original, poetic, rhapsodic, and impressionistic prose with autobiographical writing. His books reflect vividly on American culture and mores of the 1920s and 1930s period, filtered through Wolfe's sensitive, sophisticated and hyper-analytical perspective. He was described as having an immense exuberance, organic in its form, kinetic, and drenched with the love of life. [2]
Dylan Thomas*
{(-1.86) Teharonhiawako} Welsh writer, his poetry and verse contains some of the most stirring and passionate words of contemporary literature. He was known for drinking and brawling, becoming crude and unmanageable when drunk. His images were carefully ordered in a patterned sequence, and his major theme was the unity of all life, the continuing process of life and death and new life that linked the generations. He saw men and women locked in cycles of growth, love, procreation, new growth, death, and new life again. [3]
Jonas Salk*
{(-1.31) Teharonhiawak} American scientist, immunologist, biologist, and bacteriologist, determined and dedicated humanitarian who refused to patent his vaccine. He told children to live their dreams; before anything was a reality, it was a dream and he said to the public that there must be people ahead of their time. His mentor told him, "Damn it, Salk, why don't you do things the way everybody else does them?" [4]
Tito Gobbi
Italian singer, an operatic baritone. He has been much admired by the public and critics alike for his sensitive musicianship as well as for his acting talent and interpretive insights. [5]
Hannah Arendt
German-American philosopher , political thinker and writer, one of the 20th century's most brilliant and original political thinkers, she wrote analyses of totalitarianism and democracy, social problems, revolution, political image-making, and, ultimately, the human mind. She wrote her dissertation on the concept of love in the thought of Saint Augustine. She theorizes that freedom is public, performative and associative. She also uses the concept of "natality", which is the capacity to bring something new into the world. [6]
William Faulkner*
{(+2.26) Borasisi} The quality and quantity of his literary output were achieved despite a lifelong drinking problem. He made frequent use of "stream of consciousness" in his writing, and wrote often highly emotional, subtle, cerebral, complex, and sometimes Gothic or grotesque stories. He uses long and complex sentence structure with descriptive diction and yet achieves a poetic feel. [7]
Isa Barzizza*
{(+2.97) Mercury} Italian actress and cabaret singer. She has appeared in many Italian comedy films. [8]
Woody Allen*
American comedian, writer, actor and film director, screenwriter, playwright and musician, gifted and appealing. an anhedonic, one who is psychologically unable to enjoy himself; in therapy for over 20 years, perhaps the funniest neurotic of the 20th century. He is painful courtesy, his generosity and his frantic attempts to avoid publicity. [9]
Alain Jean Assailly*
A practicing psychiatrist with a particular interest in the parapsychology of mediums, haunted houses, clairvoyance and such. He was the author of papers on his occult studies and the interface of modern man with the supernatural. [10]
Zenna Henderson*
{(-1.00) Teharonhiawako, (+1.43) Mercury, (+2.78) Crantor} American science-fiction writer, one of the first women in the genre to write under her own name without disguising her gender. Their unusual abilities ("Gifts") include telepathy, telekinesis, prophecy and healing, mostly manipulated through the "Signs and Persuasions". The stories had a spiritual element as "The People" were a race of spiritual beings. [11]
Jean Henri Servier
{(-1.78) Teharonhiawako} French scientist who had a special interest in clairvoyance, mediumship, and ethnological aspects of the history of magic. He published works on parapsychology. [12]
Richard Lewis*
{(-0.75) Teharonhiawako, (+1.27) Mercury} American writer, professor, critic and scholar. He is noted to be a refreshingly discursive critic. the idea of the American as a new kind of man in a new world. He is described as having a worldly wisdom and maturity of mind which enable him to speak with a sometimes positively disturbing authority. [13]
Peter Guralnick
American writer and Music Critic. He has published books about blues, country, rockabilly, soul music, and blues great Robert Johnson, as well as about Elvis Presley. His knowledge about his subjects is encyclopedic. Without any loss of critical intelligence, his work is about appreciation. [14]
Steven Spielberg*
{(-2.32) Elatus} The most successful man of the '80s and the most successful director in history. He both written and directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977). It was the story of a young boy and the alien he befriends, who was accidentally left behind by his people and is trying to get back home. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It went on to become the top-grossing film of all time. [15]

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