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<===  250112 {2002 KY14}: Stripping to the Bare Essentials, Miniaturization)  ===>
250112 {2002 KY14} is all abut relating to the small, the miniscule, the bare essentials and seeing the value, beauty and meaning in them. It is all about the details and the beauty and power that rests in them.

This centaur operates in the Mutable cross with Discovery Location (13 & 12 Sg) and North Node (5 Sg) in Sagittarius, South Node in Gemini 5, Perihelion in 15 Pisces and Aphelion where it stays the longest in 15 Virgo. Thus it is all about the mind and what one is aware of and in the case of 250112 it is all in the details.

KEY CONCEPTS - 250112 {2002 KY14}
Paring down to the bare essentials Austere
Metaphysical Lucidity
Fuss budget, nitpicky Quick thinking, precise
Working with the smallest particles, electrons Subtle
Small, Compact Clarity
Spacial contours and contrasts
Relationship between lots of little things (eons, electrons, game theory)
Dealing with randomness (Random Murders - Michele Profeta)
Chance, Statistical and intellectual studies
Robert Bresson* (+0.82) Director who was one of cinema's most austere artists. He required repeated multiple takes of each scene until all semblances of 'performance' were stripped away, leaving a stark effect that registered as both subtle and raw [1]
Loleh Bellon*
Playwrite, Director, Delicate, realistic and intimate.style, seeing the beauty and precious poignancy in the little details of feeling in life [2]
Evangeline Day*
{(+1.36) Borasisi, (+1.55) Mercury, (+2.84) Pallas} The first radio astrological program on WMCA in the 1930s, dispensing advice and forecasting events and was called by Walter Winchell, "the girl with the golden voice. She predicted the 1929 stock market crash. [3]
David Harker*
{(+0.55) Teharonhiawako} American scientist, chemist, crystalographer, an early interest in form and structure and a tendency to arrange objects in symmetrical patterns. He was a founding father of modern crystallography, His scientific breakthroughs contributed directly to current knowledge of the molecular structure of drugs, hormones, proteins and antibiotics, and the molecular basis for chemical and biological processes. [4]
Andre Alfred Dumas*
Author of articles on spiritual phenomena, including "The Science of the Spirit", a member of parapsychological associations. [5]
Jean Emile Charon
French physicist, atomist and well-known cosmologist. Each electron or “eon” is an enclosed space, a thinking entity, intelligence, and even a micro-universe. [6]
Norman MacCaig*
{(-0.86) Mercury} His poems are imbued with the telling intimacy that only a master miniaturist can command. Every fastidiously chosen word contributes to the lucidity of expression. Hhis poems are highly particular in focus, and all the more resonant for that. [7]
William Masters*
American physician and researcher in the field of human sexuality, a pioneer who changed the way that American looked at sex. [8]
Oral Roberts*
{(+0.90) Altjira} One of the most well-known and controversial religious leaders of the 20th century, decided it was alright to be spiritual and rich, ran direct mail campaigns of seed-faith, which appealed to poor Americans. Through his medical facility the importance of treating the whole person – spirit, mind, and body – was conveyed to many medical professionals [9]
Jean Jacques Hueber*
French artist, painter. Mostly black and white paintings, studies in structure and shape and contrast, often clear distinct straight or curving lines [10]
Tony Randall*
{(-2.80) Hylonome} Best known for his Emmy-winning role as the nitpicking Felix Unger in "The Odd Couple. Adept at sardonic comedy, his roles were often of playing light drunks, depressives and buddy roles to the hero. [11]
Kálmán Ferenczfalvi*
He saved the lives of more than 2000 people in WWII. A Hungarian Army Supply Officer, he created a phantom unit and in falsifying military documents, payroll books, food ration cards and bilingual open orders in order to rescue Jews and forced laborers> [12]
Leslie Robert Colquhoun* (-0.43) Royal Air Force photographic reconnaissance pilot during the Second World War, test pilot and Hovercraft pioneer. [13]
Eileen Mary "Didi" Nearne* (-0.43) UK's Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.[2] She served in occupied France as a radio operator under the codename "Rose" [14]
Sir Arnold Joseph Philip Powell*
A ground-breaking English post-war architect. The Christ Church Picture Gallery was Powell's favourite work. Sunk into a part of the Dean's garden, the height of the building was kept level with the garden wall. Powell described it as "small, compact and yet perfect in its way" [15]
Doris Day
{(-0.01) Chiron, (-0.76) Sedna, (+1.86) Nessus} American actress and singer; on-screen from 1948 and known from Texas to Tibet, world beloved as everybody's favorite virgin [16]
Theodore Bikel*
{(+1.66) Rhadamanthus, (-1.86) Orcus} Austrian-American actor and singer, typically portrayed foreigners in character parts throughout England and America, On Broadway he originated the role of Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music [17]

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