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Theory and Methodology

How are we to get a better understanding of these new bodies that have been discovered? What impact are they having on our world and upon us as individuals? These questions are critical at this juncture in understanding more of what is happening to us as human beings. Here is the theory that I worked from. These Minor Planets have clearly been around a long time and have been affecting us human beings, however we have not been able to isolate the forces that were operating upon us and recognize their interaction with and impact upon the planets we are used to identifying and working with in our lives apsyches, especially the personal bodies, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. Since 1992 our Astrological Alphabet has expanded substantially and we need to learn, by analogy, what sounds these new letters are making within us.
Actually it was the Astronomers who let the cat out of the bag. When they "demoted" Pluto and stated that all these other Minor Planets out beyond Neptune were essentially the same category as Pluto, they actually "promoted" all these Minor Planets. There is no way any of us who have worked with Pluto will see him as less effective or important because of an astronomical categorization. So that must mean that all these bodies out there with him are also extremely effective and important. So the question becomes what are they about, what are they doing? And this is what I set out to discover. I didn't want to just list a lot of keywords. I needed some kind of key concept that I could hold onto to feel like I was understanding the archetypal concept that that particular Minor Planet was expressing.
I decided to work with the Sun which is the central organizing principle and purpose within the chart and to look at the characteristics of people who have the Sun very close to a particular minor planet, (This technique came out of the work that I have seen some very distinguished astrologers doing on the Centaurs and Centaurs2 Yahoo Groups.) I mainly worked with the period between 1900 and 1970 although I looked at charts in the 1800s when I had long periods of two minor planets conjunct each other making it harder to isolate the separate impacts of each of them. For each minor planet I have looked at between 100 and 150 individual charts all of which had the Sun within two degrees of the planet being studied and most of them within one degree. With the Sun within a one degree orb of the Minor Planet position I am calling that person an Incarnate of that particular Minor Planet. I have listed a few of the people that helped me understand the key words of a particular body and when the person was not an Incarnate, i.e. the orb to the Sun was between 1 and 2 degrees, I have placed an asterisk (*) by the person's name.

In the case of each Minor Planet, I have been looking for a central operating principle or modus operandi for that body that will be an underlying organizing principle that ties together the key words which show the expression of that principle in different situations. This principle is described in the first section of information regarding that minor planet. This is followed by key words and then by information on some of the people representing that particular Minor Planet. I hope this information is useful to you in understanding some of the new awarenesses that are surfacing within and around you.

Love, Light & Laughter,