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Typhon ( 2002 CR46 / 42355 ) represents that which we deeply fear within ourselves or around us and seek to restrain, that is strong enough that it may burst out and take us over. There is some kind of intensity in the incarnate space that is like a light that is too bright or too terrible to see. There are far fewer incarnates for Typhon than for the other incarnates. It is as if you have to find some way to distance yourself from the intensity of the full focus. The center space is the “control of the monsters”, “the strongest ability to manage them”. The core issue with Typhon seems to be the tension between the independent free expression of one's individuality and the need to be limited in one's actions by the expectations and agreements of society with the resulting necessity to control and/or repress aspects of one's self.
KEY CONCEPTS - Typhon ( 2002 CR46 / 42355 )
What the monsters do Methods of treatment for the monsters
Control of the raging monsters within or the monsters bursting forth and wreaking havoc
Electric Shock and Drug Treatments Sexual aberrations and fetishes
Study of the patterns of society, the human condition Sly, iconoclastic
Resisting the monsters Fighting against the monsters
Creation of monsters Being the monster
Psychic ability to see the non-physical levels at which “that which we are afraid of” resides
Facing the monsters without fear and seeing the beauty within and behind them
Facing what you fear within you and seeing the beauty of it and yourself
The tension between being a free spirit without regard to society and identifying with others, linking with them and being a part of them.
TYPHON INCARNATES* Typhon ( 2002 CR46 / 42355 ) RESONANCE
Orde Wingate*
Indian military man who, as a major general, organized and trained airborne deep penetration troops to work behind enemy lines in the Far East campaigns against the Japanese during World War II. He was considered a military genius. Also, as A highly religious man, Wingate became a supporter of Zionism, seeing it as his Christian duty to help the Jewish community in Palestine form a Jewish state. [1]
Umberto Romano*
{(-0.21) Chariklo} An Italian-Born American Artist, he was a magnetic force, wherever he was. His work changed with each decade as he continued to seek new ways to express his passionate concern for the human condition, his sensitivity to man's cares, struggles, frustrations, his unjust suffering. [2]
Roger Caillois*
{(+1.15) Chiron} A French essayist and author of sociological works with a background in anthropology and sociology, and particularly his interest in the sacred, who sought to move away from surrealism's focus on the fantasy life of an individual's unconscious and focus instead more on the power of ritual and other aspects of communal life [3]
Giorgio Bassani*
  Italian writer, a novelist, poet and essayist best known for his psychological novels. He wrote a series of works known collectively as Il romanzo di Ferrara which explored the town, with its Christian and Jewish elements, its perspectives and its landscapes, including the marginalization of Jews and homosexuals. [4]
Andre Courreges*
{(-0.29) Amycus, (+1.98) Hylonome} French fashion designer, introduced the Mini skirt in a make or break move. Wearing his trademark pink shirt and pants, oversize glasses and white boots, he is still thrilled by the excitement and danger of being on the cutting edge of fashion. [5]
Pierre Gaisseau*
{(+0.8) Amycus, (-2.28) Varuna} French producer of documentary films. His images of stone age life and mock birth rituals made indelible imprints on the Western mind. He would live with primitive people for some time before filming to gain greater rapport and understanding. He also was a saboteur during WWII parachuting behind German lines. [6]
Ralph Abernathy*
{(-1.28) Hylonome, (-2.55) Amycus} American Civil Rights Activist and founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. They advocated non-violence to gain civil rights for blacks. [7]
Ruth Ginsburg*
American Supreme Court Justice. There was controversy over her connections with the National Organization for Women (NOW), an advocacy group for liberal issues when she ruled in their favor in a case before the Supreme Court [8]
F.W. De Klerk*
South African politician, the ninth and possibly last white man to head South Africa as apartheid was ended. He shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela, saying that he has a clear conscience, knowing nothing about civil rights abuses or murders in the '80s [9]
Bryna Monsein*
(- 0.82)
{(+1.98) Saturn} American astrologer as a long-term hobby, who had a deep interest in psychology, the occult and astrology, especially for the Uranian discipline for future trends and prediction. She most loves to rent a villa in Europe and explore, learning about everyday life in an area. [10]
Peter Frost
{(-2.55) Eris} American ecclesiastic, one of the number of priests who have had lawsuits filed against them for alleged acts of sexual abuse. He was placed on "sick leave" by the Archdiocese in 1992 but had not been defrocked. [11]
Maurice Krafft
{(-2.07) Eris, (-2.25) Mercury} French scientist, a specialist in the study of volcanoes. He was killed by an eruption while studying the activity of the Umzem volcano in Japan. [12]
Richard (1961) Hatch*
American newsfigure as the final contestant on a game show, "Survivor." The machinations involved alignments and strategies that were duck-soup to the corporate trainer Hatch, though he ended up with not only competition but rancor among his fellow survivors. [13]
Garry Kasparov
Soviet chess player and world champion, the youngest champion ever at 22. He was known for his intimidating arrogance. After 15 years, he lost the world championship. He then wanted to use his intellect and strategic thinking in Russian politics to do everything in his power to resist Putin's dictatorship. He found it very difficult to play for a country whose authorities were antidemocratic." [14]
Samantha Fox*
(- 0.75)
British singer and hot pin-up girl. Her naughty girl image helped her become known but she wanted to be known as a singer and artist and her professionalism and enthusiasm. has helped as she has slowly shifted her focus. [15]
Gerard Dewan*
{(-2.83) Mars} American firefighter, one of first eleven to arrive and work to evacuate people from the World Trade Center. He was killed when the building collapsed. [16]
Leonardo Marino*
{(-0.34) Eris, (+1.01) Mercury} Italian homicide accomplice, a member of a group implicated in the murder of an Italian police chief. He confessed to driving the car used to shoot the police chief. [17]
June and Jennifer Gibbons
Identical twins who had a complete identification with each other that resulted in their withdrawing from any significant interaction with anyone else including family, teaching themselves and writing remarkable poetry with powerful imagery. As teenagers they went on a binge of stealing, drinking, sniffing glue, having indiscriminate sex, vandalizing property and setting fires. They were imprisoned and mostly kept medicated to control them for 11 years before being released. The day of their release Jennifer died of heart problems. [18]
Luis Bunuel
Spanish filmmaker who stated that in the hands of a free spirit, the cinema is a magnificent and dangerous weapon. He wielded the cinema with mischievous and mysterious humor. In his teen years, he had lost faith with the church and his films were preoccupied with sexual aberrations and far-out fetishes with which he assaulted the church, the establishment and middle-class morality with equal fervor, eliciting a public outcry from the beginning of his career. [19]

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