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241097 is a brilliant, shining light. It can be an individual shining forth with their own unique view of life and the world. There is tremendous determination here to express the real authentic self. This can bring an unorthodox, rebellious pattern, not for the sake of rebellion, but rather because the social structures have no force or relevance. This energy also shines out onto whatever is around it. In aspects it shines on or illuminates and reveals whatever it aspects.

KEY CONCEPTS - 241097 {2007 DU112}
Represents what shines forth with simplicity Provocative
Stimulating, never dull Paradoxical
Scintillating Intriguing
Rebellion against the Establishment Maverick
Ahead of the Pack, out in Front using a sense of people and attention to detail to reach goals To come from an unexpected position like out of left field
Radical Dissent Having fun while it lasts
Open to new experiences Piercing intelligence
Unorthodox, unusual, pushing the envelope Tenacious Ambition
Connection to Lazers, high voltage electricity Intense vibrant color
Gavin Arthur* (-0.53) {(-0.37) Rhadamanthus} American astrologer and leader in gay liberation, a colorful maverick [1]
Jean Lods (-1.05) {(-1.9) Vesta} French film director who played an important part in avant-garde films, mainly documentaries and pioneer of film as an art media with the release of "Maillol," 1942. [2]
Joan Crawford* (+0.81) {(-0.92) Vesta, (-1.47) Rhadamanthus} A symbol of the jazz age, a flapper in 1928 and one of the most memorable dramatic actresses of her day, Ambitious, passionate and driven, "No one decided to make Joan Crawford a star. Joan Crawford became a star because Joan Crawford decided to become a star." [3]
Adolf Butenandt (+1.50) {(-0.55) Vesta, (-0.79) Rhadamanthus} German organic chemist, main work was in the field of the chemistry of steroidal sex hormones [4]
Paul Grimault* (+0.25) {(+1.97) Orcus} French cartoonist, film animator, made many traditionally animated films that were delicate in style, satirical, and lyrical in nature [5]
Leo Campion* (+0.79) {(+2.51) Orcus} French writer, author of works of humor, songwriter, activist espouses and supports anarchist beliefs, Free Mason, a messenger for the resistance in WWII [6]
A. J. P. Taylor (+1.36) {(+0.95) Orcus} British TV personality, journalist and British Historian, a superb teacher, "stimulating often inspiring, sometimes infuriating," for whom "the paradox is his favorite method.", has been called "the pyrotechnician of history" because of his provocative insights, ability to write highly readable narratives and his scintillating prose style. [7]
Jean Sablon (+1.15) {(+0.75) Orcus, (-1.87) Moon} The first cabaret singer to use a microphone in his stage act, became one of the most widely acclaimed male French singers, considered second only in overall lifetime popularity to Maurice Chevalier [8]
Cecil Collins* (-0.81) {(+1.76) Saturn, (-2.59) 248835} British artist, painter, print-maker, work is mystical & symbolic, often concerned with archetypal images & figures, e.g. the fool, originally associated with the Surrealist movement. [9]
Bernard Jensen (+1.51) {(-0.53) 248835} American advocate of health through diet whose products can be found in health-food stores [10]
Tommy Trinder*
{(-0.87) Elatus} British ebullient stand-up comedian, fast-talking and quick-witted, catchphrase was 'You lucky people' [11]
Clyde Barrow* (+0.08) {(-0.53) Elatus} Bonnie and Clyde were well known outlaws, robbers and criminals who, with their gang, traveled the Central United States during the Great Depression [12]
NYC Garment Fire* (+0.16) {(+0.55) Chariklo, (+2.28) Pallas} NYC garment district fire, While the fire was going on 141 young men and women, at least 125 of them mere girls were burned to death or killed by jumping to the pavement below. [13]
Tennessee Williams* (+0.60) {(+0.97) Chariklo, (+2.56) Pallas} American writer, poet, and outstanding playwright most noted for his powerful, emotional and dramatic works. went against the trend to persist with his own style of realistic artistic work [14]
Jean Louis Vilar* (+0.33) Once he has arrived on stage, he moves sparingly; his presence is enough to establish a vitality [15]
William G. Gray*
British writer and occultist whose books include "Ladder of Light" and eight more books on the Qabalah [16]
Sheila Lindsay*
{(-0.19) Nessus, (+2.94) Mercury} Irish psychic and author of "Time Travels of an Irish Psychic," published 9/25/1989. Her book addresses the mystery of the monoliths and mounds in Ireland and the messages that Sheila received from those ancient relics [17]
Fema Noveck* (-0.34) {(-1.07) Nessus, (-2.97) Juno} Russian-American film doctor, producer and director, Post-production is the refinement of any film and Noveck's expertise is often the difference between a flop and a winner [18]
Dirk Bogarde* (-0.05) {(+2.11) Pelion, (-2.61) Chiron } British actor, a total craftsman, who has chosen to work consistently with European art-house directors, rather than pursuing the commercial path. The result of this decision is a number of beautifully crafted portrayals and classic films [19]
Marianne Alireza*
{(-2.23) Pelion, (+2.76) Moon} American adventuress who married an Arab and lived in his harem, He divorced her, and she sued him for custody of their kids and won [20]
Frank Field (+1.55) Television personality, health topics and meteorologist, was instrumental in publicizing the Heimlich Maneuver to aid food choking victims, did a documentary called Plan To Get Out Alive where he used a simulated house fire to show viewers how to survive that catastrophe [21]
Cesar Chavez (+1.02) {(+2.11) Okyrhoe} Mexican-American labor leader, an advocate of Gandhi's philosophy, peace-loving and charismatic [22]

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