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Are Eternal Values static or expressing in new form in each era?
The challenge is to understand what level is fixed and what level is evolving – Where is the truth in ancient traditions? What is the foundation upon which I can build my life? What seeds of the future are contained within traditional teachings? Do you hold to the seed static or plant it and let it grow into an amazing plant affected by current conditions and awarenesses?

230965 is involved with old traditional patterns and learning lessons from them that expand oneself or faithfully following the old traditional patterns in a rigid manner. 230965’s perspective is set loose from conventional socially agreed upon perception patterns and it operates in uncompromising isolation based on its unique perceptions of the world. Musical ability combines with the discipline inherent in this energy along with the focus on learning from traditional sources to find a large number of musicians in the 230965 incarnates

KEY CONCEPTS - 230965 {2004 XA192}
Strict Disciplinarian with self and others Rigid personality structure
Isolationaism, Standing alone, feeling that self and group are separate from others Perspective and way of reasoning out of tune with the mainstream
Reconstruction of old techniques applied to the present time, studying old patterns and learning from them but not copying them rigidly Uncommon perception of the world, seeing the little pieces and how they relate in an altered frame of reference and perception
An outsider, content to find his/her own way in life Independent of current knowledge
Unconventional possibly covert family relationships Luminosity
Focused on sensations and knowledge from the concrete world uncolored by acquired knowledge or group/social knowledge Opened up to experiences differing from the usual ones needed for the management of day by day life
Finding a balance between intensity and gentle peace Following natural patterns and rhythms
Distinctive unique style Apathy, Insensitivity (inability to understand/feel what others feel)
Prejudice Time vs. Eternity
High walls around the self, isolated from the rest of the world Struggle between traditional experiences and modern innovations
To confront prejudice and break an old traditional pattern establishing a new tradition The interrelationship of different realities and how they affect each other
To be a traditional reference point To fight against a tradition
Returning home, nostalgia To establish a tradition
Sensing the “unseen world”, another level of reality To build a legacy, to spoof a legacy, to destroy a legacy
Many of the 230965 incarnates are musicians and several have great musical ability
Jacques Corrèze* (+0.52) {(-0.71) Pelion, (-2.45) Hylonome} A very active Nazi Collaborator [1]
Lorne Greene* (+0.14) {(-2.2) Pallas} The cowboy patriarch of the Ponderosa in "Bonanza." After his series, he became typecast in father figure roles. [2]
Rene Guy Cadou*
{(+0.97) Chaos} French poet, writes of high walls and being bound in by them and getting free of them and sowing seeds in the wind (which is how traditions operate from the perspective of 230965) [3]
Gloria Vanderbilt (+1.47) {(+1.6) Chaos} One of America's most noted fashion designers, early developer of designer blue jeans, one of the first designers to make public appearances, which was a difficult thing for her because of her shyness [4]
Russell Hunter*
{(-0.30) Chaos} Perhaps best known as the character "Lonely" in the TV thriller series Callan, starring Edward Woodward [5]
Robert Altman (+1.17) {(+0.97) Chaos} With a satirical eye for the American way of life and a stylistic naturalism, he delivered unique films, an innovative and influential director [6]
Sidney Poitier* (+ 0.1) {(-0.77) Chaos} One of first major black actors, broke out of stereotypes and laid the foundation for significant black presence in Hollywood [7]
Tom Wesselmann*
{(-2.47) Chaos} American author, artist, tends to do his own thing in his own independent way, doesn’t like being included in a group, The interrelationship of different realities and how they affect each other [8]
Linda Cristal* (+0.78) {(-1.42) Chaos} Good at traditional roles, she had good looks, acting ability and a fiery personality, that could breathe life into the aristocratic "Victoria Montoya" [9]
Roger Mahony* (+0.31º) Roman Catholic Cardinal, fiercely conservative in defending his mother church yet unflinchingly liberal on his social agendas, one of the most powerful religious and secular leaders in California, one who balances spiritual principles with the demands of real-world problems. [10]
Celine Dion* (+0.38) {(-1.2) Altjira, (-1.52) Eris} French-Canadian singer, influenced by classical genre, successful singing classically influenced ballads with soft instrumentation, 5 octave voice range [11]
Eric Mouquet* (-0.66) {(-1.45) Altjira} Musician, incorporated the traditional rhythms of a particular country in each album [12]
Douglas Adams*
{(+0.67) Altjira} British sci-fi writer known for his wacky "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," a 1979 cult favorite and followup books [13]
Mark Lerner* (-0.58) {(+1.79) Altjira} Combined astrology and metaphysical studies, 1976 to 1979 he was a member of the Findhorn Community [14]
Mary Wilson (+1.38) {(+0.53) Juno, (-1.6) Crantor} American Singer, founding member and the only member of the Supremes to be with the group its entire tenure, has gone on to be a strong advocate for the group’s legacy, got a law passed in 27 states so far that there can’t be spin off groups from groups in the 50s & 60s [15]
Leo Tallarico* (-0.61) Pro Astrologer, integrates psychology, astrology and spirituality into his consulting practice [16]
Barbara Stabiner* (+1.18) {(-2.85) Chaos}Accurate psychic with large number of clients [17]
Hagood Hardy*
Musician, Composer, Evokes a deep sense of returning to home, nostalgia
One of the purest 230965 energies I have found [18]

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