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<===  DEUCALION: The Repressed, Rejected Self  ===>
Deucalion ( 1999 HU11 / 53311 ) represents all the aspects of ourselves that we block because we believe we must controll and repress in order to live in a civilized manner. In order to be acceptable to those around us, we must reject the aspects of ourselves that are unacceptable to those around us. These aspects buried deep within us begin to look and act like monsters whatever their original shape. This can be anything from the rage that would murder those who block or oppose us to the gentleness and loving behavior that may be unacceptable or not manly. These aspects can break free of their constraints and flood up into us under stress sometimes overwhelming or replacing civilized behavior with previously repressed uncivilized behavior, whatever that means to each individual. Deucalion aspects show what is likely to be repressed and how you relate to the distorted repressed rejected aspects of yourself.
Peeling back the veneer of civilization to reveal what lies below it Not operating within the social norm
The doorway into the deeper denied and repressed patterns within the psyche, the patterns that tend to be controlled and pushed deep within in civilized society. Surfacing of the rejected aspects of ourselves which have distorted into monstrous shapes because of our rejection. Reclaiming those aspects of ourselves and bringing them into the light of day
Removing the civilized veneer over the deeper, sometimes darker patterns within the human psyche and acting out those deeper more archaic drives Expressing deep drives to control and power at any cost or transforming those aggressive drives so that they can be put to the service of others
The deeper raging patterns erupting and being expressed Removing the sugar coating, the veiling of the harsh realities of life,
Great insight into the deeper levels and motivations and needs of the human psyche able to express them in humor, art, or music in ways that resonate deeply with people  
Abigail Folger* (-0.20º) Murdered by Charles Manson family while visiting Sharon Tate. [1]
Ronald Pina* (-0.98º) {(+2.57) Haumea} Lawyer credited with prosecuting the hardest of criminals and assigning special units and task forces to get the job done [2]
Jean Luc Dehaene*
{(+2.23) Haumea}Ordered withdrawal of Belgian troops from Rwanda allowing the genocide of the Tutsis. [3]
Stephen H. Fagan* (+0.88º) Charged with abducting his 2 daughters [4]
Bernard Boursicot* (+0.08º)

Minor French official who had love affair with Chinese mistress who turned out to not be a woman [5]

Debra Lynch* (-0.97º) American psychic [6]
Alain Juppe* (+0.95º) French prime minister convicted of mishandling public funcs [7]
Steve Martin* (+0.37º) Wild & Crazy guy with a light bulb wit and great insight into human foibles [8]
Jimmy Webb* (+0.11º) Songwriter - songs include "By the Time I Get to Phoenix," "Up Up and Away," and "MacArthur Park.". [9]
Richard Sharpe (-1.10º) Physician who brutalized his wife and tried to poison their daughter, a secret cross-dresser who took female hormones to grow breasts [10]
Arthur Bremer (+1.63º) Psychotic attempted assasin of George Wallace [11]
Maxwell* (-0.30º) American "omnisexual," a hormone-taking but non-operative female-to-male "transman." [12]
Michael John Bizanowicz* (+0.67º) {{+1.02) Pluto}American level III sex offender [13]

Marcel Marcelloni*

French rapist, he and his gang posed as police officers [14]
Scott Hamilton* (-0.88º) {(+2.63) Pluto}Amazing ice skater with charismatic energy and gnome-like and puckish features, and blurring speed in his spins [15]
Michael Jackson* (+0.18º) Exceptionally dramatic, talented singer and dancer, acquitted of charges of child molestation [16]

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