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Sedna ( 2003 VB12 / 90377 ) is about the deepest levels of our personal psyche and how they operate. When these levels are transformed then extremely intense mystical spiritual connections can be established. There is a deep connection here with other realms. However, when these levels are not faced and transformed they can be horrendous.
Much Sedna energy (especially for men) wallows in the depths of depravity of which the human psyche is capable. One path to transcend the quicksand of Sedna is through humor and comedy which gives you the objectivity to step back from the edge.
KEY CONCEPTS - Sedna ( 2003 VB12 / 90377 )
Gifts that turn sinister Spiritualist Medium – hearing voices in your head
Pleasure/Pain principle and how it affects animal and human behavior
To deal with that which is not of this world To deal with Spirits of the dead
Getting sucked into another world Living in the darkness within
Dealing with the bad guys acting out the demons within Tragedy
Crime and dealing with crime Need for a refuge -- Being or becoming a recluse
Victims Women and Men who have men abuse and betray them
May deal with issues or life with alcohol, potential alcoholism
Being able to rise above the worst situations and find humor in them and celebrate life this can bring an amazingly beautiful and bright light
Stepping back out of situations to see how ridiculous we are with all our issues and distresses
Emotional truth
Authenticity is achieved by drawing on inner reality to expose deep emotional experience.
SEDNA INCARNATES* Sedna ( 2003 VB12 / 90377 ) RESONANCE
Francisco "Chico" Xavier* (+0.85) {(-1.04) Orcus} Brazillian mystic and channeller. Semi-literate, he wrote more than 400 books using automatic writing. He promoted Kardecist spiritism and helped to establish it as one of the major religions of Brazil. [1]
B.F. Skinner*
American psychologist who believed human behavior could be engineered to build a better world, one of the most influential and controversial psychologists of the 20th Century. His principle of "operant behavior" holds that even seemingly spontaneous action is a response to rewards and punishment. He envisioned a world where children were taught to rein in their desires through self-control exercises. [2]
Herbert Mills
American entertainer, one of four brothers who set groundbreaking standards with their crooning musical hits. They were known for their tight harmony and uncanny ability to imitate instruments, developing a smooth and relaxed vocal style that was widely imitated and which they never needed to change in their long careers. [3]
John Blofeld*
{(-0.73) Chariklo} British teacher who writes comprehensively on both aspects of Tao, the mystical aspiration and practical self cultivation. Believed in reincarnation and that he had been a Buddhist in China in a previous life. [4]
Alec Guinness*
British actor. As a child, immersed in identity confusion, he struck up an unlikely friendship with an addled, old, spooky former dancer-actress who added comfort and a bit of magic to his lonely life. A convert to Catholicism and something of a mystic, he came at last to a serenity that shows in his autobiography, "Blessings in Disguise," 1987. [5]
Doris Day*
{(-0.01) Chiron, (+1.85) Nessus} American actress, beloved as everyone's favorite virgin. An animal lover, she became more of a recluse as she retired. [6]
Frederick Koch*
{(+0.15) Pelion, (+1.00) Nessus} American musician, composer, pianist, conductor, teacher. The human voice and words set to music obsessed Fred Koch. His mentor observed that every time he started writing it ended up in a song. His music and text combined have considerable appeal and rich passionate gestures, passages of poetic ardor and lovely arching moments. [7]
Marlon Brando*
{(+0.48) Nessus} American actor of great note whose charisma, both off- and on-screen, made him an artistic and social force. His raw passion and emotional truth deeply impacted the way we look at acting . [8]
James D. Watson*
{(-1.5) Okyrhoe, (-1.72) Nessus} American biochemist known for his ethical integrity, scientific genius, audacity in directing daunting projects, and total curiosity. He received a Nobel prize as one of the co-discoverers of DNA. [9]
Ram Dass
American contemporary spiritual teacher,, fired as a Harvard professor for early experiments with LSD and other hallucinogenic drugs. He became a follower of the path of Eastern philosophy. His books included "Be Here Now," "How Can I Help," and "Journey of Awakening." He sums up his life message as "I help people as a way to work on myself, and I work on myself to help people... To me, that's what the emerging game is all about." [10]
Ian Richardson*
A Scottish actor best known as a leading Shakespearian on stage and for his portrayal of the Machiavellian Conservative politician Francis Urquhart. He played villainy, comedy and tragedy equally effectively. [11]
Seymour Hersh*
American investigative reporter and author who has often been labeled a master of governmental expose. He is committed to people knowing the truth. He is a self-styled outsider, brash and fearless who does not mind being labeled a hothead. [12]
Emma Jane Stockton*
{-0.06) Hylonome, (+0.49) Varuna} American homicide victim, a DAR (Daughter of the American Revolution) who was brutally murdered. [13]
Edward O'Neill*
{(+1.43) Amycus} American actor, best known as the terminally dim-witted patriarch, "Al Bundy," on the Fox sitcom, "Married with Children." Taking great pains to avoid being type-cast, he is known for his versatility. [14]
David Letterman*
{(-0.74) Amycus} American contemporary humorist and talk show host. Obsessed and intense, his life revolves around his show and he's only complete and happy when he's working. [15]
Richard Houck*
{(+0.02) Amycus} American pro-astrologer. He was widely recognized as one of the few astrologers in the world with a practical, integrated grasp of the best of Eastern and Western astrology. Known for his ability at prediction, he was one of few astrologers to accurately predict the chaos and confusion of the recent presidential election in the United States months prior to its occurrence. [16]
Howard Sasportas*
{(-1.6) Amycus} American professional astrologer, author, lecturer and editor. He worked with Liz Greene providing great insight into astrology integrated with the insights of depth psychology. [17]
Bruno Seghetti*
Italian terrorist in the Red Brigade who participated in the kidnapping and murder of premier Aldo Moro on 3/16/1979.[18]
Dodi Fayed*
Egyptian-born movie producer and lover of Princess Diana of Wales, died with her in a car crash in Paris. [19]

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