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<===  HAUMEA:  Creative and Spiritual Birth ===>

Haumea ( 2003 EL61 / 136108 ) is a focus point through which we connect with the Mother Focus in the Divine energy, the point where spiritual birth or rebirth can be accessed and experienced. Haumea brings a greater spiritual awareness and attunement. She opens doors within us.

When mixed with other strong energies, Haumea seems to become a reformer of those energies or perhaps to be giving birth to those energies in a new form. Aspects with other planets represent issues in the birth process and forces that facilitate or hinder that process. (I mostly worked with people from the 1800s because Haumea had such strong planets conjunction it for most of the 20th Century that it was very difficult to sort out it's meaning.)

Searching for spiritual answers, greater spiritual understanding Seeking to understand the spirit within/underlying human beings
Willing to change religion if the path leads that way Celebration of the divine, the creator
Extraordinary versatility Earnest, vivid and alive with spirit
Insight and quickness, innovation Nurturer and supporter of genius
A sense of the ideal, and worshipping nature as revealing the divine
Fantasy & Mythology as a vehicle Classical and metaphysical studies
A dislike of irony and skepticism A sense of the unseen, a type of knowing
Mystical Awareness The Divine Mother
Pantheism All religions lead to the same realization of the divine.
Ramakrishna* (-0.78º) Indian saint and mystic, devoted his life to his religious ideals, believed all religious paths lead to God-consciousness, became a priest to the Divine Mother, developed an insatiable longing for the Divine Mother to comfort him which eventually led to a of the Divine Mother where he was submerged in waves of bliss and light [1]
George Orwell*
{(-0.64) Deucalion} British novelist and essayist with a profound consciousness of social injustice, an intense opposition to totalitarianism, a passion for clarity in language and a belief in democratic socialism, the 20th century's best chronicler of English culture, author of 1984 and Animal Farm [2]
John Goss (-1.34º) {(+1.9) Logos} Anglican organist and composer, wrote a hymn in praise of God that is one of the most widely played hymns in religious music [3]
Pakh Subuh* (-0.94º) {(-0.64) Deucalion} Dutch Indonesian spiritual leader, founded Subud, a form of Islamic mysticism in which the supplicant is initiated by means of the "latihan," a kind of meditative communal submission to divine understanding [4]
Richard Henry Horne* (+0.62º) English poet and critic who possessed extraordinary versatility. His best poetry was earnest, vivid and alive with spirit. As a critic he had insight and quickness. [5]
Henriette Sontag (-1.06º) A German operatic soprano of great international renown. [6]
Auguste Nicolas* (+0.36º) French Roman Catholic apologetical writer, often appeals to the traditions and the groping moral sense of man-kind at large, wrote apologetics that were adapted to the dispositions and the needs of the minds of his time. [7]
George Baptist* (-0.15º) A logging contractor who immigrated to Canada from Scotland and brought innovation and prosperity to the lumber industry [8]
Alexander Neibaur* (+0.79º) One of the first Jewish persons to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints [9]
Victor de LaPrade* (+0.05º) French writer and politician, wrote religious and mythically based verse. [10]
Hugh McColl* (-0.05º) {(-1.88) Pelion} Scottish-born irrigation pioneer in Australia, his vision for canals later became the basis of the Goulburn irrigation system. [11]
Alexander Nikolayevich Serov* (-0.89º) Russian composer and music critic, wrote operas including Judith which influenced later Russian composers like Tchaikovsky and Musorgsky. Judith saves her people by using her beauty to enthrall the attacking army and thus being able to cut off the head of the attacking Assyrian General [12]
Oswald Achenbach
German renowned landscape artist, a swirling mystical quality to his landscapes as they generally dwell on the rich and glowing effects of color. [13]
William Henry Preece* (+0.70º) Welsh electrical engineer and inventor, developed several improvements in railroad signaling system that increased railway safety, discovered radio induction, believed that the Earth’s magnetic field was critical in the propagation of radio waves over long distances, and also presented the analogy of electricity and water for thought experiments [14]
Adolf von Donndorf*
German sculptor, works included an angel and a mother with two children and a maternal love fountain. [15]
John Rolls* (-0.27º) A baron who was a breeder of Shire horses and acquired a reputation amongst agriculturalists for his shorthorn and Hereford cattle and Shropshire breeds of sheep [16]
Octavius Catto (-1.12º) African American educator, intellectual, civil rights activist [17]
Jacob Henry Studer* (+0.75º) {(-2.36) Ceto} Author of Studer's Popular Ornithology [18]

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