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Huya ( 2000 EB173 / 38628 ) pushes you to the extreme. He doesn't care whether it is positive or negative, either way he is over the top. This is almost totally a point of output. He doesn't let anything in to deter him from acting his way. No one else will even have an impact. His unusually resonant voice tones, quick wit and lively intelligence bring exceptional ability to impose his will and way upon others. This can shift over into arrogant insensiitivity if you are not careful.
Goes to extremes, exceptional voice resonance Exceptional, breaking the mold
Tends to get stuck in the extreme and not accept input/contradiction from others Striking speaking ability
Prominent Making it against the odds, going one’s own way
A certain distance, one remove from all that is around you, (a little like Aquarius) Embracing other cultures
Moving beyond the pattern/culture you were raised in, travel, relocation Quick Wit
Shrewd Takes risks
Arrogant Creates great mayhem or so anti-drama as to be viewed as stuffy and reserved
Going to extremes (extremely honorable or extremely dishonorable Lack of human feeling for other people
Viewing people as objects to be dealt with Rigidity
Fascination with how things work  
Hans Frank* (-0.76º) German head of the Nazi Law Department and legal counsel to Hitler [1]
Peter Marshall* (+0.22º) A striking speaker and widely quoted, pastor to the U.S. Senate. [2]
Bob Hope (+1.35º) Entertainer and comedian, a superstar, quick-witted one-liners on current events and his world tours for service men. [3]
Franz Kleffner (+1.75º) {(+0.35) Pallas, (+1.32) Okyrhoe} German military, waffen ss, extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. [4]
Serge Rubenstein*
Russian entrepreneur, a money juggler called a "financial wizard.", who lived dangerously, making important enemies and died violently, strangled to death. [5]
Don Ameche*
Actor in vaudeville and radio, noted for his resonant voice, old-school charm and gentlemanly grace combined with acerbic wit and physical fitness and energy. [6]
Les Paul* (+0.50º) Major contribution to popular music seeing electronically amplified guitar's potential. [7]
Robert S. McNamara* (+0.50º) American business executive, world bank president and government official, arrogant and aloof, his rigidity proved fatal. [8]
Morris K. Udall* (+0.14º) American politician, deprecating wit and easy manner, one columnist deemed him "too funny to be president", which became the title of his autobiography [9]
Carl B. Stokes* (+0.56º) 1st black mayor of major US city [10]
Martin Landau (-1.10º) {(-0.58) Chariklo, (+2.08) Makemake} Star of "Mission Impossible". [11]
Alan Feinstein* (+0.75º) American philanthropist and humanitarian [12]

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