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Logos ( 1997 CQ29 / 58534 )
What is Consciousness, where does “reality” lie and what does it mean? What part does one’s language play? Approaching Logos the focus is on the search for “Universal Truth”
The Creative Word (John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God)
Leaving Logos, the focus is on the expression/explanation/revealing of the truth found with some tendency to think it is the whole truth rather than their understanding of the truth
With planetary aspects Logos explores the “causes of” the body it aspects.
Understanding/Teaching/Believing in/ or fighting the Truth in the planets conjunct Logos (A struggle with the truth/reality of that planet)

The Matrix within which time and space is embedded Versatility
Naturalness Intelligence
Possibly precocious Great truth embedded in one’s actions
Clear, bright, ringing tone To stand up for the truth
Integrity Follows one’s own vision, stands up for oneself
No illusions, no rose-colored glasses Facing the truth of the despair, aloneness, alienation of modern society
Spiritual desolation Language as a creative, defining force
The subject is also the object, the subject/object linkage Philosophy, seeking to discover what is and is not
The extraordinary powers of the mind to shape or distort reality Ritual practices of nature religions
Espionage, finding out what the truth is Great Sweep, expanded vision and expression
Wholeness, the inclusion of both subjective and objective truth Esperanto
Isaac Pitman (-1.77º) {(+1.67) Saturn} British inventor and schoolmaster who formulated the system of phonic shorthand [1]
Sri Sumangala (+1.26º) Indonesian high priest of Ceylon, a towering intellect [2]
Edouard Manet*
French artist, innovative realist style [3]
Benedetto Croce*
{(+0.13) Venus, (-2.55) Eris} Philosopher, calls his way immanentism, and concentrates on the lived human experience [4]
Maurice Ravel*
{(+0.93) Ceto, (-0.98) Moon} French Composer, one of the modern masters of orchestration [5]
Spencer Tracy*
Actor, "He has great truth in everything he does" [6]
Samuel Beckett*
{(-0.85) Ceres} Brooding and sardonic, he focused on the most abhorrent aspects of life, molding them into his own style, clearly haunted by spiritual desolation. [7]
George Platt Lynes*
Stylized and elegantly lit black and white photography which has been called "luminous and liminal.". [8]
Sir Andrew Graham Gilchrist* (exact) {(+1.7) Elatus, (+1.97) Saturn} Scottish author, diplomat, ambassador [9]
Marjorie Boulton*
{(-1.55) Mercury, (+2.79) Orcus} Learned Esperanto, wrote poetry in English and Esperanto [10]
Walter Starcke*
Occultist, sought to find and write about universal truths [11]
Del Martin (+1.30º) Worked to form the Council of Religion and Homosexuality, 1st same sex marriage in California [12]

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