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Orcus ( 2004 DW / 90482 ) deals with death as a factor in life and how it impacts us and what death teaches us about life as well as what life teaches us about death. It does not necessarily represent death as an experience, although significant personal aspects result in death playing a larger than life role in that person's life. There is also an affinity with Orpheus, even to the extent that an artist and critic who was an Orcus Incarnate, deliberately chose a new last name that was an anagram of Orpheus.

Images and Symbols of Death seem to affect the points aspected by Orcus.

Death as a teacher The Song of Death
To play with death Spell-binding quality
Isolation Dealing with Death, Murder, Suicide
Some kind of relationship to death To have or deal with Stigmata
To die for one’s beliefs/principles To oppose death or death dealing groups
Study of history Sacrifice
To deal with the dead (channeling, messages from the dead) – Chico Xavier
To have your work, actions beliefs stir up great opposition
Sarcastic Irreverent
Anti-establishment Taking dangerous risks, “daring” death
Parkinson’s Disease Tough, stubborn
Possible relationship to asthma & emphysema Near Death Experiences
Rebirth, awakening in Humanities Awareness of old traditional patterns and their importance
Paradox i.e. life in death and death in life  
Marshall Applewhite*
{(-1.42º) Logos, (+2.3º) Rhadamanthus, +3.00º Moon} American cult leader, manifesto that death would provide them with new bodies within the sacred furnace of space, as they were to be resurrected in a "cloud of light," a spaceship!, thus he led 39 members of "Heaven's Gate" to their death by suicide [1]
Princess of Wales Diana* (+0.37º) {(-1.97º) Logos} British royalty, mother to heir to British throne, divorced Charles, later killed in a car accident in Paris with her boyfriend, mourned by the entire world. [2]
Michel Seuphor
{(-0.36º) Ceres} Belgian abstract painter and art critic, His assumed name of "Seuphor" is an anagram for "Orpheus" [3]
A. J. P. Taylor*
British TV personality, journalist, British Historian, the paradox is his favorite method." [4]
Francisco "Chico" Xavier
{(-0.85º) Sedna} Brazilian mystic, answered letters and question from thousands of people about their deceased relatives [5]
Paul Brenner* (+0.21º) {(+0.21º) Logos, (+1.25º) Chiron, (+2.83º) Rhadamanthus}American physician, , an obstetrician and leader in the holistic health movement. [6]
Luis Ocana* (+0.10º) {(+1.12º) Logos}Spanish athlete, a champion cyclist, had two other near death experiences after car accidents [7]
Starhawk* (-0.94º) {(-0.67º) Logos} American witch and author of books about her field, including "The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess [8]
Marthe Robin* (-0.54º) {(-0.57º) Ceto, (-0.8º) Eris}French mystic and stigmatic, only food for 53 years was the holy Eucharist, and after she received it each friday she went immediately into ecstasy and began her weekly re-living of Christ's Passion and crucifixion. [9]
L.L. Zamenhof* (+0.92º) {(+1.69º) Mercury, (-2.35º) Chaos, (-2.58º) Varuna} Inventor of Esperanto, a language spoken by no living group of people. [10]
Verel Waller* (+0.56º) {(-0.63º) Echeclus, (-1.14º) Rhadamanthus}American homicide, shot and killed his dad after his dad refused to give him $250 for treatment of the problems he had, which he thought to be sexual. [11]
Harry Hay* (-0.27º) {(+1.30º) Rhadamanthus} British-American father of the American gay rights movement, his extraordinary life and personal courage continually placed him on the forefront of changes in the interminable battle for gay rights, was nearly suicidal upon having to step down from the Communist party to protect the gay organizations he worked in [12]
Sirimavo Bandaranaike* (+0.50º) {(+0.45º) Chariklo, (+1.74º) Rhadamanthus, (+2.9º) Mercury} Ceylon politician, the first female Prime Minister of Ceylon. She was elected to the post in 13960, following her husband's assassination [13]
Tad Mosel (+1.07º) American playwright, winner of the Pulitzer Prize, May 1961, for "All The Way Home," a Broadway adaptation of James Agee's novel "A Death in the Family." [14]
Luiz Pacheco* (+0.65º) {(-2.48º) Logos} Portuguese writer, publisher, polemicist and literary critic, famous (and feared) for his sarcastic and irreverent critical writings, a hypochondriac, always foreseeing his own death (due to asthma and a poor heart condition), cynical but honest, paradoxical [15]
Mort Sahl* (+0.70º) {(-1.45º) Logos} Canadian-American entertainer, comedian and political satirist. [16]
William L Calley (+1.60º) {(-0.38º) Rhadamanthus, (+1.07º) Saturn, (+2.72º) Logos, (-2.91º) Asbolus} American soldier, a Lieutenant who was convicted of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam [17]
D Day (-1.65º) {(-0.56º) Logos}Turning point in WWII, Sun 1.65º approach to Orcus [18]
Simon Callow* (-0.45º) {(+0.15º) Logos} British distinguished actor of film and stage, great energy, sharp intellect and ruthlessness [19]
Benazir Bhutto* (+0.55º) {(+0.41º) Logos} Pakistani politician, the first woman leader of the Islamic world, Her dad a previous ruler of Pakistan was executed. [20]
Tom Cruise* (+0.74º) {(+0.05º) Ceres, (-0.41º) Juno, (-1.93º) Logos} American actor, many roles focus on risk, violence and alienation [21]

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