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Quaoar ( 2002 LM60 / 50000 ) is about the primitive levels of connection between an individual and what is around them. This is partially about fundamental internal needs and how they are expressed or fail to be expressed in the outside world and the residual angst that this generates in that person. It is about inclusion or exclusion in all forms. Are you inside the circle or out in the cold. The circle could be a social circle or a racial group or it could be the realm of nature itself. There is a very primitive concrete form of expression that results from that sence of connection or alienation. The individual may be anywhere on that continuum from a desperate need to belong to a need to be separate and free from those connections and the resulting expectations. Thus we have here the interface between opposites and the creative process where they change from one to the other.

Interior and exterior space Relationship between inner and outer
Unravel, deciphering, revealing natural patterns Revealing the inner workings
Instinctively understanding and identifying the fundamental elements of something
Primitive connections to self & world, folk traditions Ending of the old & beginning of the new
Prejudice Seeking to maintain the privileges of those on the inside
Making Deals Getting inside information
Dealing with what is in and what is out Judgmentalism
Here and now The vitality of immediate experience
Naturalism born of formalism Whether you let people inside your walls
Impact of being in second place, sense of personal inferiority To define what it means to be on the inside and how to get there and seek to bring people over the line
Getting inside the circle of acceptance Persistence, succeeding against great odds
Gaining self respect by entering the selected circle Nature as source or mother, teacher
Nature as being an entry way into the inner circle, or the inner circle being nature Connecting to primitive center of self, child based expressions, animals as icon, doorway to inner sanctum
Protecting the endangered (animals, architecture, etc.) Back to Basics, Primitive (fundamental) creativity
Jean Dubuffet (-1.16º ) French painter, a sophisticated primitive, Most of his work looks like sidewalk drawings by kids or doodles of a savage. [1]
Pierre Schaeffer (+1.28º) French pioneer of electronic music. Did Musique Concrète which meant that the sounds were based on natural sounds recorded and played back in a musical context. [2]
Julia Child* (+0.96º) Author of 9 cookbooks, often improvised and joked, charming viewers with her relaxed spontaneity and warbling voice, became a cultural icon. [3]
W. Mark Felt* (+1.00º) American law enforcement official, an FBI agent and key figure in Watergate mystery. The Watergate scandal's whistleblower, "Deep Throat."[4]
Ring Lardner, Jr.*
(+0.15º )
A child prodigy, journalist, reporter and screenwriter, won an Oscar for the script of M.A.S.H.[5]
Mary McGrory*
American Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist for her columns on Watergate[6]
George Wallace* (+0.65º) American politician, ran for president 3 times on a segregationist platform. In his four terms as governor, Alabama saw an era of unparalleled corruption.[7]
Monty Hall* (-0.90º) {(-0.43º ) Elatus}, Canadian-American television host of "Let’s Make a Deal"[8]
Zipporah Dobyns* (+0.50º) {(+0.15º) Ceres and (+0.90º) Elatus}, Had a strong belief system of personal responsibility. American clinical psychologist and astrologer, a researcher on the asteroids[9]
Maurice Pialat*
French actor, screenwriter, film director and producer noted for the rigorous and unsentimental style of his films. His style was described as"a naturalism that was born of formalism, that he moved to the beat of a different drummer, ambling his own way without regard to what others thought[10]
Serge Bourguignon*
{(+0.92º) Echeclus} Won an Oscar for "Sundays and Cybele", tragic story of a 12-year-old French orphan girl who is befriended by an innocent but emotionally disabled young French Vietnam War veteran, who is killed by the police in front of Cybele in a misunderstanding where they thought he threatened her[11]
Bob Newhart* (+0.27º) {(-1.52º) Echeclus} American actor, comedian, recording artist, and TV series star, shy and introspective, known for his deadpan double-takes and cautious stammer, a master of the well-timed pause.[12]
King of Belgium Baudouin* (+0.79º) Fled with his family to Portugal during the time of the German invasion, but returned to live under guard during the Nazi occupation, was a reclusive monarch. He was shy, avoided the glitter and was seldom seen in public[13]
Sonny Rollins* (0.79º) Widely recognized as one of the most important and influential jazz musicians of the post-bebop era, He pioneered the use of bass and drums (without piano) as accompaniment for his saxophone solos. Took his most recent sabbatical to study yoga, meditation, and Eastern philosophies. Pursuing the combination of emotion, memory, thought, and aesthetic design with a command that allows him to achieve spontaneous grandiloquence[14]
Patsy Cline* (+0.40º) American country-western singer, helped to pave the way for other female singers to become an integral part of the formerly male-dominated country music industry. Achingly romantic material like "I fall to pieces". On her grave, "Death cannot kill what never dies…"[15]
Bill Porter* (1932) (+0.63º) Born with cerebral palsy, but through persistence, hard work and talent became a top grossing door-to-door salesman for the Watkins Company[16]
Roger Maris* (-0.85) American baseball player, broke Babe Ruth's record, a physical man, angry, hard and aggressive. Impatient mostly with himself, he did not perform well under pressure, honest and straightforward, warm and generous, but social graces were not in his makeup.[17]
Gunther Gebel-Williams* (+0.28) Polish-American animal trainer and circus performer, performing with Bengal and Siberian tigers, elephants, horses, leopards, pumas, zebras and giraffes. By his gentle treatment of his charges, he changed the way Americans think about the circus and wild animals. [18]
Guy Gilbert* (-0.41) {(+0.32º) Okyrhoe} French Christian advocate, established a centre where troubled youngsters might be reeducated and reintegrated into society through work, contact with animals and nature, and self-respect. [19]

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